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How to RECORD the screen of your pc without installing any program 2017

Today you will learn how to record the screen of your pc without installing any program. If you want to start in the world of tutorials, or want to start uploading videos to Youtube, this tutorial will be very useful. With the trick I will teach you then you will not need to install any program that may put your PC's security at risk by infecting it with Malware or Adaware. 

On the other hand you will not have to spend any dollars on expensive programs that practically do the same thing as this application, just as you hear: you will be able to record totally free screen of your pc without installing anything. 

The first thing I have to say is that you should use Google Chrome as your default browser, this should not be a problem as we know that Mr. Google's famous browser is the most used worldwide. 

After opening your Chrome, you will go to the following link: LINK FOR RECORDING VIDEO 

After installing this add-on called SCREECASTIFY you will activate it and grant permissions to use your camera and Your microphone, this is fundamental if you want the recording to be with your voice or some other external audio, although the application brings the option of recording screen with internal audio of the PC.

I advise you to log in to Google Drive and give this extension permission to save your videos there, this will be useful later, you will see. When you open the extension in your browser you will see the following configurations available The Microphone option is to choose the microphone from which you want to capture the audio, this is useful because some have an internal microphone in the PC and others additional externally. 

The System Audio option records the internal audio of your PC, very useful for recording Gameplays or any other kind of videos where you need your internal audio. 

The Embed WebCam option is used to record your webcam in the selected position of the screen, this option is optional. Finally allows us to choose the resolution of the video that we want to record, we can also choose if we want to record only a window or our entire desktop. We can record in HD or high definition (1080p) Finally the RECORD option allows us to start recording. 

How to start recording the screen? 

You only have to press the RECORD DESKTOP button and the extension will start a countdown 3 ... 2 ... 1 to indicate when it will start recording. After this the recording starts, to pause only open the extension again and choose to stop or STOP RECORDING. 
A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video? ..... 

Here I leave everything in video: So if you want to have a choice, easy and the best without installing programs to record screen in your pc I hope Enjoy this tutorial, on the other hand if you want something more specialized I leave here two more tutorials that I have realized. 

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